Precious Metals

OTC Precious Metals: CFDs on Spot Precious Metals (Spot Metals)

Over the counter (OTC) trading on spot precious metals, contract for difference (CFDs) on spot precious metals, or simply spot metals, are financial instruments that allow traders to invest and take advantage of both prices moving up (going long) or prices moving down (going short) without having to pay for owning the precious metal. The trade is performed over the counter (OTC) similar to trading FX, which means the trading is done directly between the two involved parties and not via central exchange market.

Why Trade OTC Index Futures with ICM Europe?

ICM Europe offers OTC trading on the major index futures allowing you to speculate on the movement of a specific index future, without actually having to go through the central exchange market. With the indices we have at ICM Europe you can trade stocks of over 600 different companies spread around the world.

CFD trading of index futures with ICM Europe is speedy and straightforward but most importantly it removes the need to trade through an index futures broker. It is important to remember no physical futures transaction takes place during this process.

OTC Index futures trading with ICM Europe offers you the opportunity to invest in a large division of a national market or an entire market itself and trade the broad movement of a country's share market index.

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