Company Profile

ICM Europe is a trading name of Charlgate LTD, a company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ("CySEC") (licence no. 367/18).

At ICM Europe we are focused on compliance with the laws and regulations which governs us and we always endeavor to be fair and transparent in all aspects of our business dealings.

We respect the people, cultures and traditions of each region and country in which we operate.

We operate with this philosophy to develop economic growth and prosperity in countries around the globe.

We are and plan to be pro-active in developing the optimal trading environment and in creating new value for our customers.

Our vision is to continuously search for ways to add value for our traders and make certain we never lose sight of our company values and core vision.

Our focused senior management team is committed to ensuring our high standards are maintained, our regulation is strict and complete support is provided with passion and energy.